Terms of Service

I. Definitions

II. Scope

The terms in this document apply to all Entities or its users cooperating with GÉANT network regarding the use of GÉANT resources for GTS. The terms of service comprise of Acceptable Usage Policy and the GÉANT Service Usage Policy.

III. Acceptable Use Policy

The intention of this Acceptable Use Policy is to help ensure shared assets are protected from illegal and/or damaging actions which could lead to the disruption of GÉANT services, GTS or otherwise.


GÉANT resources and services should only be used in such a way as to:

GÉANT Network resources and services must not be used for any activity which purposely:

Non-compliance with these terms of service will be treated as a serious matter. GÉANT retains the right to suspend an Entity's or its users access to GÉANT resources and services or block any unusual or illegal network activity in order to protect the network and services of GÉANT, other Entities', or other third parties reached via GÉANT network.