Changes in GTS by version

6.1.5 (2019/07/18)

  • GUI fixes
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=GTS-110, GTS-113; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Various fixes of text in terms, validation of the registration form, etc. The dropdown list with NRENs and countries has been updated with proper data.

  • GUI improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=GTS-37, GTS-72, GTS-91, GTS-132, GTS-133, GTS-136, GTS-147; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Better usability for the DSL editor: no need to switch between tabs to submit DSL, avoid pop-up screen for link definition. Administrator can now provide comments to the project for user's review. Replace link to disclaimer with link to terms of service. Better usability for the DSL editor: set default bandwidth=0 for links, fix auto-numbering of resources, deprecate definition of CPU cores.

  • Core fixes and improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=GTS-76, GTS-151; Affected component(s)=API)

    Provide link to the GTS public documentation as part of the registration e-mails. Whenever a location is explicitly set for an element in the DSL, it will only allocate it there or fail if there are no resources left.

6.1.4 (2019/04/02)

  • Security enhancements
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=GTS-16, GTS-88; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, API)

    Changes in permissions for a user with privileges to edit its roles are immediately applied. Server tokens provided by web servers are now hidden and high-details errors have been disabled.

  • New user data and VISITOR role
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=GTS-18, GTS-19, GTS-61; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, API)

    Any user must provide the NREN they work with and may provide an NREN contact point as well. The new VISITOR role is introduced to account for monitoring users with read-only access to shared resources.

  • Core fixes and improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=GTS-22, GTS-51, GTS-73, GTS-79, GTS-83, GTS-104; Affected component(s)=all)

    Decouple libraries and modules while better grouping common resources. Improve handling of e-mails, e.g. during the activation of the account for a user. Update library version for better management of connections to database, resulting in a more resilient service. Better control of data available in a project for the internal e-mailing templates.

  • GUI fixes
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=GTS-28, GTS-46; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    The GUI should display project logo correctly and handle errors better during registration.

  • GUI improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=GTS-62, GTS-70, GTS-71, GTS-72, GTS-74, GTS-105; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Updated terms of service. Start date for projects is fixed to the current day. End date for projects is minimum 3 months ahead of the start date. Links in the visual editor to be defined without the need of setting bandwidth. Names for fields in the registration form are modified for better understanding.

6.1.3 (2018/12/18)

  • Version 6 Security Audit Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-1086, TAAS-1087, TAAS-1088, TAAS-1089, TAAS-1090, TAAS-1091, TAAS-1093, TAAS-1094, TAAS-1095, TAAS-1108, TAAS-1126, TAAS-1128. TAAS-1133; Affected component(s)=all)

    Certain external libraries have been upgraded to more secure versions. Various improvements highlighted by the Version 6 Security Audit has been implemented.

  • Version 6 Code Audit Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-1030, TAAS-1031, TAAS-1032, TAAS-1034; Affected component(s)=all)

    Various minor code audit issues have been fixed.

  • API Change
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-925; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Added an endpoint for DSL validation.

  • GUI Changes
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-1041; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    The Resources tab, which shows information about the environments resources and their availability, is now availble in the GUI.

  • GUI Fixes
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-1119, TAAS-1120; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Improved error messages for DSL validation errors. DSLs now require a unique ID to be set before submitting.

  • Core fixes
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-807, TAAS-923, TAAS-1097; Affected component(s)=all)

    Fixed a race condition during compute node creation. Fixed an error that caused SSH connections to fail under certain conditions. Fixed an issue that allowed a project to be removed while activating.

6.1.2 (2018/10/16)

  • Version 6 Security Audit Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-1078, TAAS-1081; Affected component(s)=all)

    Certain external libraries have been upgraded to more secure versions.

  • Version 6 Code Audit Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-1033, TAAS-1035, TAAS-1036; Affected component(s)=rca-openflow, rca-vc, service-login)

    Various minor code audit issues have been fixed.

  • Reservation fix
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-1079; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    Fixed an issue which caused compute notes to be overcommitted in rare cases.

  • GUI Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-995, TAAS-1000; Affected component(s)=gui)

    Improved error handling in the visual DSL editor. Improved zooming in the Visual DSL editor.

  • GUI fixes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-1067; Affected component(s)=gui)

    Fixed an error when attempting to release testbeds immediately after deactivating them.

6.1.0 (2018/09/12)

  • API Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-911; Affected component(s)=API)

    The session statistics endpoint is now only accessible to admins via token header.

  • GUI Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-837, TAAS-949, TAAS-843, TAAS-986; Affected component(s)=gui)

    Added the Visual DSL Editor. Added a button allowing users to remove all data about themselves. Added location column to resource lists in infrastructure tabs.

  • Fixes and Improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-906, TAAS-1046, TAAS-677, TAAS-1048, TAAS-921; Affected component(s)=all)

    Added a notification when projects fail to be created or removed. Fixed a silent error when attempting to create a project with a VPN Username or a project name that does not meet length requirements. Fixed an error when trying to create user for projects that no longer exist. Fixed an error with releasing links in certain cases. Fixed an issue in the GUI with resource lists not being properly populated since version 6.0.

  • Version 6 Code Audit Changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-1001; Affected component(s)=all)

    The codebase has been refactored in numerous places, as suggested by the code audit of the version 6 code.

6.0.0 (2018/08/30)

  • Platform upgrades
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-678, TAAS-931; Affected component(s)=all)

    The GTS codebase has been overhauled to be compatible with newer technology. GTS now runs on Java 8, Apache Karaf 4 and Spring 4.

  • New SDP/STP API for operators
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-915; Affected component(s)=API)

    A new API for manipulation of SDPs and STP is now accessible to operators.

  • GUI changes
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-928, TAAS-908, TAAS-910, TAAS-839, TAAS-905, TAAS-935; Affected component(s)=gui)

    Introduction of visual DSL editor, with new options for import and export. Introducing links to privacy policy. Improving error management and descriptions shown to users.

  • Fixes and improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-895, TAAS-918, TAAS-959, TAAS-908, TAAS-884, TAAS-947; Affected component(s)=all)

    Fixed concurrency-related issues during project reservation and during releasing of BMSs, an issue with passwords not being stored properly and issues with the performance of BMS configuration updates.

5.0.0 (2018/03/05)

  • New API implemented
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-669, TAAS-646, TAAS-603, TAAS-794; Affected component(s)=API, core, service-login)

    New, more clean and user friendly API was designed and implemented. It is incompatible with old one. Different roles for users' accounts were introduced: ADMIN - super user, can do anything, everywhere; MANAGER - granted to API clients like GUI, can execute only three actions: add a new project and add a new user, check feature modes status; OPERATOR - assigned to users who manage SDP/STP only; PROJECT_OWNER - project owner so can add users, remove them, can assign or remove roles, but can't edit users personal data. The very first user of a project gains PO role automatically; USER - simple, regular user - this role is added while assigning an user to a project. Such user can also change its own account details except for granted roles; TESTER - it is only a descriptive role with no permissions so it should be used in conjunction with other roles; GUEST - it is a default role for any user with no permissions at all, after a project is assigned it is removed from account roles' list; Additionally new API was open to users thus every action must be accompanied with a token.

  • Two-step registration added
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-817, TAAS-283, TAAS-253, TAAS-844; Affected component(s)=API, service-login)

    Two-step registration was added with accounts' confirmation via mail messages with confirmation link. Project and user are activated manually by administrators. Maintenance mode over REST Api was added: soft-mode will not allow operating on resources, hard-mode will not allow log-in. Global limits of inactive projects and inactive users per project were added.

  • GUI fixes and improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-818, TAAS-809, TAAS-489, TAAS-786, TAAS-679, TAAS-675, TAAS-578, TAAS-814; Affected component(s)=gui)

    GUI was changed to support new API, new set of roles and two-step registration process. Back arrow handling fixed from resource details view. BMS count corrected. Web accessibility was adjusted for GUI to make it easier to use by people with disabilities. Static resources like projects' logo graphic files are served via static context to relieve new API.

  • Fixes on security and performance
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-639, TAAS-619, TAAS-679, TAAS-707, TAAS-743, TAAS-846, TAAS-826, TAAS-619, TAAS-823; Affected component(s)=all)

    Fixed SQL injection holes, release of links for large testbeds, security level improved for resources. Malicious code vulnerability fixed with other minor code changes; e.g., XSS-vulnerability fixed in forms. Reservation extended to use resource constraints like memory, vcpu and disk, mail notifications added. Release of links fixed for testbeds with many links.

  • Improvements in the BMSs
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-644, TAAS-684, TAAS-763, TAAS-852, TAAS-655, TAAS-787; Affected component(s)=rca-bms)

    Internet connectivity: a virtual link is created between a dedicated port on BMS instance and it's IAGW. The first image from the list of images in rca-bms config is taken as a default image. Timestamps processing fixed which causes to mix time zones during time processing. A list of available, comma-separated BMS images was added as a global parameter in config file. Bms count corrected in the admininistrator's Infrastructures view.

  • OpenStack performance improvements
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-693, TAAS-692, TAAS-689, TAAS-687, TAAS-686, TAAS-656; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    OpenStack resource control agent performance improvements and code clean up. New config parameters added to set up separate ssh username/password for IAGW.

4.1.3 (2017/05/29)

  • Time of project creation has been improved.
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-657; Affected component(s)=service)

    The Cloud-Init configuration on IAGW image was modified in order to speed up project creation.

  • Added improvement to VPN password.
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-671; Affected component(s)=service)

    The Cloud-Init configuration on IAGW image was modified in order to support hash character for VPN passwords.

  • Improved Host monitoring.
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-649; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    The OpenStack statistics vary due to the OpenStack configuration thus the Host monitoring had to be adjusted due to this fact.

4.1.2 (2017/05/17)

  • Open vSwitch resource.
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-637; Affected component(s)=rca-openflow)

    OVS has been introduced as a software version of the VSI resource. OVS switch needs a VM that runs docker, that can spin up new OVS instances.

  • Flavors and Images for Host resource.
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-642; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    User can specify a flavor and an image for Host resource by adding them in DSL specification. Both have to be uploaded to the OpenStack by an administrator in advance.

  • Double-click bug removed.
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-648, TAAS-346, TAAS-347; Affected component(s)=service)

    Added request validation of the resource statuses which removed double-click issue during activation and deactivation process in GUI.

  • BMS improvements.
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-537; Affected component(s)=rca-bms)

    This version introduce several BMS improvements. The most important is hot-injection for the rca-bms configuration. This allows not only to add and remove new BMS instances but also to configure the rca-bms component on fly.

4.1.1 (2017/03/10)

  • Resource credentials are hidden by default.
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-621; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Resource credentials in resource view are hidden by default. Clicking on the eye icon hides or shows the credentials.

  • Several BareMetalServer instances per project
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-620; Affected component(s)=rca-bms)

    Several BareMetalServer instances can be reserved per project.

4.1.0 (2017/02/10)

  • BareMetalServer Internet access
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-551; Affected component(s)=rca-bms)

    BareMetalServer Internet access.

  • VSI Virtual Switching Instance
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-400; Affected component(s)=rca-openflow)

    New VSI resource available for Corsa DP2100 switches.

  • Extended user contact form
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-290; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    User contact form allows to provide further description of events.

  • Extended registration form
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-563; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    Registration form allows to provide more details on the project.

  • Notifications for reservation failures
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-555; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    Internal e-mail notifications for reservation failures.

  • ActiveMQ's topics removal system
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-521; Affected component(s)=service)

    All ActiveMQ topics removed during testbed release.

4.0.0 (2016/12/06)

  • BareMetalServer
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-207; Affected component(s)=rca-bms)

    New BareMetalServer resource has been added.

  • Terms of Service
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-357; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    User Terms of Service can be found on registration page.

  • Project's description field
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-462; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    Project's description has been added to registration form as a new required field.

  • Performance data for Host resources
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-407; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service, rca-os)

    Host's performance data table has been added to the Host resource view in the GUI.

  • ExternalDomain request form
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-406; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Logged in user can send request for a new ExternalDomain resource.

  • Password restrictions
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-364; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    New restrictions for user passwords have been added.

  • Short unannounced maintenance flag
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-358; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Administrator can set unannounced maintenance flag with due time.

  • Info about Host's credentials
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-356; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Information about Host resource credentials has been added to the GUI inside project's info.

  • New fields for project: createdAt, lastModified
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-332; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    Two new fields describing project - createdAt and lastModified - have been added.

  • Insensitive project names
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-421; Affected component(s)=service)

    Project names are now case insensitive. A user cannot create project 'NewProject' when 'newproject' already exists.

3.1.1 (2016/08/17)

  • Fixed issue related with STPs reservation for Hosts
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-420; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    Fixed STPs reservation for Hosts without location.

  • Fixed issue related with Project creation
    (Type=Bug Fix; Issue=TAAS-401; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    Fixed Project creation with the same name as removed Project.

3.1.0 (2016/04/29)

  • New section for changelog
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-329, TAAS-339; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Added section to describe new features, improvements and such on a per-version basis.

  • Enhanced performance for reservation and activation of resources
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-323, TAAS-325, TAAS-326, TAAS-335; Affected component(s)=core, rca-os)

    Several improvements on the overall performance of GTS system allow now to speed up reservations in a faster way, provide a tenant per project and load balancing of public IP addresses.

  • Project allow custom logo
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-322; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Admin user can add and update a custom logo to any given project.

  • Secure HTTP
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-319; Affected component(s)=admin-gui, service)

    HTTP communication to the GTS services is now protected through TLS.

  • Logs providing more content
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-318, TAAS-324, TAAS-327; Affected component(s)=rca-os)

    Logs on the OpenStack instance and internal action queues provide more detailed information to ease debugging.

  • Improved handling of OpenFlow resources
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-317, TAAS-320, TAAS-321; Affected component(s)=rca-openflow)

    Further flexibility in the management and workflow of OpenFlow resources: multiple OF switches can be activated in the same location, at the same time and releasing them is possible without prior deactivation.

  • Maintenance mode available
    (Type=New Feature; Issue=TAAS-316; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    A maintenance flag is included for admin convenience in order to warn about ongoing maintenance and restrict user access.

  • More precise, secure and fast behaviour in GUI
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-309, TAAS-310, TAAS-328; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    User interface provides some novelties: GUI is blocked during complex operations, projects are shown alphabetically for faster searching, passwords are encrypted with BCrypt hash and testbed view is faster.

  • Flexibility in deployment
    (Type=Improvement; Issue=TAAS-307, TAAs-313, TAAS-314, TAAS-315; Affected component(s)=admin-gui)

    Deployment of the GEANT testbed is now more configurable: admin password, testbed description and logo, as well as contact e-mails can be now configured through properties files.